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Koji spores on coffee cherries
Coffee Article

What is the Koji Process?

Gone are the days of only washed, natural, and honey processing—in are the days of thermal shock, IPA anaerobic, and…

Andrew Pautler
Learning about Coffee

Coffee Brewing Ratio Guide – Free Download

How many grams of water do I use when brewing 24g at a 1:16 ratio? Even if I’ve brewed it…

Andrew Pautler
Pouring beer into a pour over
Coffee Article

The Ultimate Collection of Coffee Beers

Two of the things I love most in this world are specialty coffee and craft beer, so it is no…

Andrew Pautler
Ivica from Coffea Circulor in Kenya
Coffee Article

Pushing Limits of Coffee in Kenya with Coffea Circulor

This article was co-written by Andrew Pautler of Pull & Pour and Ivica Cvetanovski of Coffea Circulor In 2005, Coffea…

Ivica Cvetanovski
Kenya Oxyco Batia CCX
Coffee Reviews

Kenya Oxyco Isolated Batian – Coffea Circulor

Coffea Circulor is doing some of the most innovative work in coffee. They are doing some very exciting work at…

Andrew Pautler
Coffee producer flipping coffee
Coffee Article

Breaking the Chains of Inequality in Coffee

A commodities trader, a coffee roaster, a coffee farmer, and your next-door neighbor walk into a coffee bar. The coffee…

Nanelle Newbom
Coffee Product Reviews

CAFEC Abaca+ Filters

The CAFEC Abaca filters have been my favorite for pour over for the last few years. I love their flow…

Andrew Pautler
The AeroPress coffee maker
Coffee Tip

6 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve Your AeroPress Brews

I love the AeroPress (check out my recent post for my reasons why). After using it day in and day…

Andrew Pautler
Brewing coffee
Learning about Coffee

How to Make Pour Over Coffee – A Simple Tutorial and Brew Framework

Are you new to pour over coffee? Have you struggled to dial in your pour over process? The question I…

Andrew Pautler
Overview of Trade Coffee subscription deliveries
Coffee Subscription Reviews

Trade Coffee Subscription Review

Overview Trade Coffee is a coffee subscription company that offers 450+ coffees from dozens of roasters from around the country…

Andrew Pautler
The Orea Brewer
Learning about Coffee

The Making of the Orea Brewer

The Orea brewer is a unique flat-bed brewer that came into the specialty coffee world with a bang earlier this…

Andrew Pautler
Collection of popular specialty coffee equipment
Coffee Article

The Ultimate Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide (2023 Edition)

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission (at no added cost to…

Andrew Pautler