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Making pour over coffee
Learning about Coffee

A Simple Explanation of Pour Over Coffee to Water Ratios

One of the most confusing aspects, when you start brewing pour over coffee at home, is the coffee-to-water ratio. How much coffee to use and how much water to pour over it can be confusing, but can also have a big impact on the final cup of coffee you brew. If you are new to brewing pour over coffee and looking for the water-to-coffee ratio to achieve a golden cup of coffee every time, this guide will help you get started.

Andrew Pautler
Pouring beer into a pour over
Coffee Article

The Ultimate Collection of Coffee Beers

Two of the things I love most in this world are specialty coffee and craft beer, so it is no…

Andrew Pautler
Pull & Pour Top Coffees of 2022
Coffee Article

Pull & Pour’s Top 15 Coffees from 2022

2022 has been an amazing year for coffee. I easily tried around 400 coffees throughout the year and featured many…

Andrew Pautler
Collection of shirts from the Pull & Pour shop
Coffee Article

Announcing the Pull & Pour Shop

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of the Pull & Pour shop. It’s full of a (growing)…

Andrew Pautler
2022 Sweden Aeropress Champion Brew Recipe
Brew Guides

2022 Swedish AeroPress Champion Brew Recipe

The 2022 AeroPress competition season is underway and the 2022 Swedish AeroPress championship ended a few weeks ago taking place…

Andrew Pautler
Ivica from Coffea Circulor in Kenya
Coffee Article

Pushing Limits of Coffee in Kenya with Coffea Circulor

This article was co-written by Andrew Pautler of Pull & Pour and Ivica Cvetanovski of Coffea Circulor In 2005, Coffea…

Ivica Cvetanovski