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CAFEC Abaca+ Filters

Andrew Pautler

The CAFEC Abaca filters have been my favorite for pour over for the last few years. I love their flow rate and the final cup they consistently produce regardless of the coffee I am using. I’ve recently been trying out their new Abaca+ filters.

Abaca+ filters are made by a new “fine-grained” manufacturing method. This new method increases the paper surface area by narrowing the distance between each crepe, as well as helps to create a more even water flow by making the texture of the paper even more uniform. Unlike their roast-specific filters designed to control flow speed by the different framework of the paper itself, the Abaca+ filter paper is intended to create a faster water flow so it is easy for you to control water flow directly by how you pour.

The filters are a bit faster than the normal Abaca filters (and definitely faster than some of the roast-specific filters). You can tell from the feel the difference in paper construction (the Abaca+ filters are much softer/smoother), but I’ve really enjoyed the feel for them when brewing and the even greater flexibility they provide.

They are currently in pre-order via CAFEC’s USA store. They are offering 10% off if you want to try them out by using the code PULLANDPOUR (+ get 10% off any of their other filters you want to try).

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