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Pull & Pour’s Top 14 Coffees from 2023

Andrew Pautler

Pull & Pour Top Coffees of 2023

2023 has been an incredible year for coffee. I easily tried more than 370 coffees throughout the year and featured many of them through the Pull & Pour Coffee Club and reviews on this site and Instagram. With so many coffees and such a diversity of processing methods, origins, coffee varietals, roasters, and farmers, it is almost impossible to limit my favorites to a handful. In a somewhat frivolous effort though, here are my favorites from 2023 in the order I tried them.

Shoondhisa Ethiopia from Manhattan Coffee Roasters


Manhattan Coffee Roasters

Country: Ethiopia

I was able to try more Manhattan coffees this year than ever before and was blown away by every one I tried. This Ethiopian started the year though and was wonderfully sweet with excellent berry characteristics.

Panama Finca Hartmann Geisha Natural from Proud Mary

Panama Finca Hartmann Geisha Natural

Proud Mary

Country: Panama

I had the chance to enjoy this coffee with Nolan Hirte, owner of Proud Mary, at their Austin location in January 2023. It was one of the most incredible Panamanian coffees I’ve ever tried and I immediately bought a jar to enjoy at home (and shared some with the coffee club). The floral & fruit interplay was spectacular and the sweetness was truly unforgettable.

Asefa Daye Bensa from Jibbi Little

Asefa Daye Bensa

Jibbi Little Coffee Roasters

Country: Ethiopia

This anaerobically processed Ethiopian was my first experience with Jibbi Little Coffee Roasters out of Australia. This competition-quality Ethiopian came from Asefa Dukamo who has been in the top 10 at the Cup of Excellence each of the last three years. The tropical fruit notes in the cup made this a top coffee of the year for me clear notes of strawberry, banana, and mango.

Vinhal ML16 - Sumo

Vinhal ML-16 Brazil Thermal Shock

Sumo Coffee Roasters

Country: Brazil

When I first tried this coffee, I couldn’t believe it was from Brazil. It was unlike any Brazilian coffee I had tried. It tasted like grape soda in coffee form in the best way possible. Not only was it delicious, it may have won as the most unique and unexpected coffee I tried this year.

Jose Martinez from Sey

José Martinez Pink Bourbon

SEY Coffee

Country: Colombia

Pink Bourbon is always one of my favorite varietals and this one embodied all that I love in a Pink Bourbon. It was intensely fruit-forward with sparkling acidity. It had wonderful notes of pink lemonade, mango, and berries that brought it to the top list this year.

Inmaculada Geisha Natural - Pull & Pour Special Release

Inmaculada Geisha Natural

Pull & Pour Coffee Club

Country: Colombia

Inmaculada coffees have been among my top list for years. This year I finally got to source, roast and feature one myself via a special release of the coffee club. This coffee was sweet, dynamic yet delicate, complex yet balanced, and had a beautiful mix of fruit and floral notes.

Chocolate Hazelnut from Vinhal Estates

Chocolate Hazelnut

Vinhal Estates

Country: Brazil

After experiencing the ML-16 from Sumo, I knew I had to try more of what its producer, Vinhal Estates, had to offer. They sent some samples and this Chocolate Hazelnut was my favorite. It literally was Nutella in a cup of coffee.

I loved Vinhal Estate’s coffee so much, I worked with them to help some US roasters pick up some of their green coffee, which you’ll hopefully be able to try in 2024 (stay tuned for a club offer in 2024 featuring this coffee too!)

Gesha Village Oma Anaerobic Honey - Corvus Coffee

Gesha Village Oma Anaerobic Honey

Corvus Coffee

Country: Ethiopia

Gesha Village is another producer that has topped my list for many years. I tried a few different lot/processing options from Corvus this year (and even featured one as a special release myself). This one in particular topped my list though. It was decadent, but also very delicate. It had wonderful fruit notes, but they weren’t overpowering, yet incredibly complex.

Pull & Pour Special Release 008 - Gesha Koji

Gesha Koji

Pull & Pour Coffee Club

Country: Colombia

Koji coffees came to the scene this year and I featured three of them in the coffee club throughout the year. They are fun, unique, and absolutely wild. This Gesha topped my list this year with its soft florals, bold tropical fruit, and umami finish.

Pepe Jijon - Thankfully Coffee

Pepe Jijon Tyoxidator Mejorada

Thankfully Coffee

Country: Ecuador

Jose Ignacio Jijon, a.k.a. Pepe, and his farm, Finca Soledad, have produced some of the most sought-after coffee in the world over the last two years. I had the honor to feature his Mejorada via the Tyoxidator Washed process—and it did not disappoint. The sweet lemon citrus note on the coffee was stunning.

Diego Burmedez - Lychee - Sumo

Diego Bermudez Lychee

Sumo Coffee Roasters

Country: Colombia

Diego Bermudez’s coffees have always been some of my favorites and his “Diego Bermudez” from Manhattan topped my list in 2021. This year I was able to feature a set from Sumo that featured three thermal shock coffees with different profiles: lime, lychee, and rose. The Lychee variation with its bold tropical fruit notes won top of the list for me.

Santa Teresa Estribi Gesha from Corvus Coffee

Santa Teresa Estribi Gesha Natural

Corvus Coffee

Country: Panama

Panamanian Geishans are truly some of the most special coffee you can try and I’ve been lucky enough to try quite a few through the years. My favorite changes from year to year (though this year three different ones made the top of the list). This one in particular was so special with some incredibly complex & delicate fruit and floral interplay.

Mexico Cup of Excellence #7 from Kafiex

Mexico COE #7

Kafiex Coffee Roasters

Country: Mexico

This Mexican Geisha placed 7th in the 2023 Mexico Cup of Excellence. The coffee was likely the best Mexican coffee I’ve yet to try and was incredibly complex & fruit-forward. Its bold fruit notes of peach, strawberry & orange made it a favorite for me.

Trapiche Gesha Corvus

Hacienda La Esmeralda Trapiche Washed Gesha

Corvus Coffee

Country: Panama

The final coffee on the list is yet another Panamanian Gesha. This one came from the original farm where the Gesha varietal was discovered 20 years ago. This coffee truly embodies all that I expect a Panamanian Gesha to be and every brew was coveted as I approached the end of 2023.

I could easily have added many more coffees to this list and trying to keep it to only a handful is difficult. Looking back over the last year though, it’s clear I’ve had the opportunity to try some outstanding coffees. I can’t wait to enjoy the incredible coffees that lie ahead in 2024.

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