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Andrew holding one of the lots from the 2024 Yemen National Coffee Auction
Coffee Article

My First Experience Buying Auction Coffee

One of my favorite things about Pull & Pour is the incredible opportunity to try some of the best coffees…

Andrew Pautler
Coffee Article

A Quick Look at the Journey Your Coffee Took from Origin to Your Doorstep

Most people enjoy their specialty coffee without ever thinking about the incredible amount of work it takes to arrive at…

Andrew Pautler
Cupping coffees on white table
Coffee Article

Bringing a Coffee from Sample to Final Roast: A Roaster’s Perspective

Hey everyone, this is Luke. I’m the co-founder and roaster at High Bank Coffee Roasters! In this article, I am…

Luke Dennison
Coffee beans on table with portafilter and paper filter
Coffee Article

Roasting for Espresso vs. Drip

A quick disclaimer (my lawyer insists): What follows is the opinion of one roaster. Other roasters may have competing views, which are no less valid. Please take the…

Gary Lundy

How to Roast Coffee at Home

Roasting coffee at home can seem intimidating, but can actually be fun, easy and quite affordable. In a few simple…

Andrew Pautler

Roaster Feature: Madcap Coffee

A few weeks back while visiting Grand Rapids, I had the awesome opportunity to go to Madcap Coffee and do…

Andrew Pautler
Sample coffee bags on a table
About Coffee

Deciphering the Coffee Bag: Picking the Best Coffee Based on the Bag

Coffee packaging can be confusing and hard to understand. Use these tips to learn what to look for on a coffee bag to purchase the highest-quality beans.

Andrew Pautler