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Coffee producer flipping coffee
Coffee Article

Breaking the Chains of Inequality in Coffee

A commodities trader, a coffee roaster, a coffee farmer, and your next-door neighbor walk into a coffee bar. The coffee…

Nanelle Newbom
Coffee Article

Single Serve Iced Coffee Recipe

Simple brew recipes are the best recipes. This single-serve iced flash brew recipe from Jake at @nosleeproastery is just that….

Andrew Pautler
The AeroPress coffee maker
Coffee Tip

6 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve Your AeroPress Brews

I love the AeroPress (check out my recent post for my reasons why). After using it day in and day…

Andrew Pautler
Brewing coffee
Learning about Coffee

How to Make Pour Over Coffee – A Simple Tutorial and Brew Framework

Are you new to pour over coffee? Have you struggled to dial in your pour over process? The question I…

Andrew Pautler
Pull & Pour's Top Coffees from 2021
Coffee Article

Pull & Pour’s Top 18 Coffees from 2021

2021 has been one incredible year for coffee. In total, I reviewed 109 coffees on the site and Instagram and…

Andrew Pautler
Collection of popular specialty coffee equipment
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The Ultimate Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide (2023 Edition)

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission (at no added cost to…

Andrew Pautler
Making pour over coffee
Coffee Article

What is specialty coffee?

You may have come across the term specialty coffee either on social media or at your local coffee shop and…

Aditya Lakshman
French Press coffee
Coffee Article

The Ultimate Guide to French Press Coffee

The French Press is clearly one of the most popular pieces of coffee brewing equipment around. But why is that?…

Andrew Pautler
Cupping coffees on white table
Coffee Article

Bringing a Coffee from Sample to Final Roast: A Roaster’s Perspective

Hey everyone, this is Luke. I’m the co-founder and roaster at High Bank Coffee Roasters! In this article, I am…

Luke Dennison
Return to Origin illustration
Coffee Article

Conscious Coffee Buying

Learn more about what you can you do, as a coffee consumer or fanatic, to make sure that your dollars contribute more directly to the wellbeing of farmers

David Lalonde
Coffee beans on table with portafilter and paper filter
Coffee Article

Roasting for Espresso vs. Drip

A quick disclaimer (my lawyer insists): What follows is the opinion of one roaster. Other roasters may have competing views, which are no less valid. Please take the…

Gary Lundy
iPhone with A History of Coffee podcast playing on the screen
Coffee Article

A History of Coffee Podcast

I love podcasts. I listen to podcasts about news, design, business, faith and of course, coffee. One of my favorite…

Andrew Pautler