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SAKI Luna Electric Kettle Review

Andrew Pautler

The SAKI Luna Electric kettle

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    Luna Electric Kettle
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    A 1.75L stainless steel kettle with precise temperature control

Imagine lining up your 6 coffee cupping samples, starting to pour your water over each set of grounds only to realize you don’t have enough water to finish filling the last few cups. Your cupping is ruined as you wait for more water to heat messing up your timing and the side-by-side comparisons between coffees. I’d be lying if I said that hasn’t happened to me more than once with “standard” 1-liter kettles. That is one of many reasons I was so excited when I found the 1.75-liter Luna Electrical Kettle from SAKI. In addition to its generous size, it also allows for controlled pouring, precise temperature control, and more all packaged within a beautiful & clean design.

Read on to find out why I’ve come to love this kettle so much.

Filling water into the SAKI Luna Electric kettle

Size Matters: The Large Capacity of the SAKI Luna Kettle

At the heart of the SAKI Luna Electric Kettle lies its impressive 1.75-liter capacity, making it a true titan among electric kettles. Whether you’re hosting a gathering of friends, cupping a large set of coffees, or simply making a large pot of tea to unwind after a long day, the Luna’s spacious size ensures you have ample hot water at your fingertips. When I use the Luna I never need to worry about interrupting my brewing to refill the kettle.

Effortless Pouring: The Ergonomics of Pouring with the SAKI Luna Kettle

There are many times in coffee that you want and need a gooseneck kettle—specifically for pour-over coffee. In those situations SAKI has you covered with their Baristan kettle. There are also many times though, when you do not want or need a gooseneck kettle, and using one is quite annoying—specifically cupping coffee, brewing with an AeroPress or French Press, making tea, etc. It is those use cases a gooseneck kettle pours too slowing and is where a kettle like the Luna really shines. It has a fast, yet controlled pour that allows you to easily vary the cadence at which you pour. It also is surprisingly ergonomic given its large size. While it can get heavy when full given the extra water weight, the way it is designed and weighted, it really is easy to pour regardless of how much water is in the kettle.

The SAKI Luna Electric kettle with coffee cupping cups

Precise Temperature Control: Setting & Forgetting the Temperature Perfectly with the SAKI Luna Kettle

An essential feature of any electric kettle, in my opinion, is the precise temperature control. The Luna kettle has this functionality and allows you to set—and hold—the water to any temperature you want. It also has seven distinct one-touch presets tailored for a variety of teas and coffee settings for quick access if one of those meets your needs.

Sturdy & Sophisticated: The Clean & Durable Design of the SAKI Luna Kettle

In a world cluttered with plastic-laden, throw-away appliances, it is nice to find some that are well-made and built to last. The Luna kettle has that higher-end feel that many kitchen tools lack nowadays. The stainless steel kettle and clean design make the Luna not only built-to-last but also something that looks great on your kitchen countertop. My only complaint with the construction is the base, which feels like it could be a bit sturdier to align with the construction and quality of the kettle itself.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the SAKI Luna Electric Kettle excels in convenience, functionality, and elegance. Its large 1.75-liter capacity ensures you have an ample supply of hot water for any occasion, while its clean stainless steel design adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. The ergonomic pour functionality makes serving effortless and graceful, while the precise temperature control functionality allows you to customize your brewing experience to perfection.

The SAKI Luna Electric kettle with coffee cupping cups
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