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Saigon Cinnamon Latte – Sang Vietnamese Coffee

Andrew Pautler

Saigon Cinnamon Latte – Sang Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee Details

Coffee Scoring

9.25 / 10
8.75 / 10
Quality of Ingredients
9 / 10
8.5 / 10
  • Well balanced flavors
  • Very convenient

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review. As always though, all opinions are 100% my own.

Sang is the creation of the first-generation Vietnamese-American, Lan Pham. Lan started Sang as a way to share the foods and drinks she loved from Vietnam in a convenient format. The first Sang product is a ready-to-drink canned Vietnamese iced coffee. Vietnamese iced coffee pairs dark roasted, robusta coffee and condensed milk to create a strong, yet sweet coffee drink. Traditionally it requires a phin slow-drip metal filter, but Sang makes it incredibly convenient to enjoy straight from a can.

Sang currently offers a variety of flavors from traditional to this Saigon Cinnamon Latte. I’m always a bit hesitant when it comes to flavored coffee drinks because they can be overly sweet and taste artificial. That is not the case for the Sang product line though and especially this Saigon Cinnamon Latte. The dash of Saigon Cinnamon added to the drink perfectly balances the coffee. The drink is sweet, but not overly so. It is wonderfully balanced with the sweetness cutting out any bitterness. I have made Vietnamese coffee a few times from home and have had it out of a cafe once and the Sang version is the best I’ve had. It is incredibly easy to drink and surprisingly light and bright.

The Bottom Line

I was wonderfully surprised by how much I enjoyed the Sang Vietnamese coffee. It was well-balanced, perfectly sweetened, and incredibly refreshing.

Sang Vietnamese coffee products
The Vietnamese coffee product lineup from Sang

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