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How to Calibrate the Niche Zero Grinder

Andrew Pautler

Calibrate Niche Zero grinder

An important step with any burr grinder is calibration. Ensuring your grinder is always calibrated helps to make sure the settings you are seeing on the grind size indicator align with where the grinder’s settings are really at. The Niche Zero makes calibration easy and quick. You can calibrate your grinder by following these three simple steps below.

Important note: Be sure to clean your grinder before beginning the calibration process to make sure there are no grounds left in the grinder that could cause your calibration to be off.

  1. Dial the top dial all the way clockwise until it won't screw any further
    Dial the top dial clockwise.

    Dial the top dial all the way fine (clockwise) until it will not screw any further.

  2. Align silver dot with calibrate mark
    Move the black ring with the grind size indicator to the calibrate arrow.

    The black ring moves independently of the bean funnel and should be spun around until it aligns with the calibration mark arrow (without moving the bean funnel ring further).

  3. Turn dial back clockwise to appropriate grind setting
    The grinder is now calibrated.

    The grinder is now calibrated and the rings can be rotated counter clockwise (anticlockwise) to your appropriate grind setting

Prefer a video?

Here is a video walking through the steps above to calibrate the Niche Zero grinder.

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