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Hernando Gomez – HEX Coffee

Andrew Pautler

HEX Hernando Gomez

Coffee Details

  • Coffee Name
    Hernando Gomez
  • Roaster
    HEX Coffee
  • Roaster Location
    Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Estimated Price
    $16.75 / 10oz
  • Flavor Notes
    Guava, green apple, maple syrup
  • Process
  • Varieties
    Colombia, Castillo
  • Country
  • Region
  • Elevation
    1970 MASL
  • Producer
    Bella Vista, Planadas (Farm)
  • Roast
  • Review Brew Method
    Cupping, V60

Coffee Scoring

8 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
10 / 10
9 / 10
9 / 10
10 / 10
8 / 10
9 / 10
8 / 10
  • Unique taste for a Colombian coffee
  • Really nice brightness with a sharpness at the front that subdues into a more middle acidity

  • Aftertaste was a bit lacking given the wonderful flavors

I recently received a sample box from the North Carolina roaster, HEX Coffee, which included five of their single origin coffees and their seasonal blend, which I reviewed previously. This review focuses on, Hernando Gomez, a single-origin offering from Columbia.

When drinking this coffee, the first thing I noticed was the perfectly balanced acidity. It was like biting into a green apple; there was a crisp sharpness at the beginning and then a more subtle sweetness as you finished the sip. There was a juicy, almost tropical flavor in the coffee that was really unique from Columbian coffees that I’ve tried in the past.

I tried this coffee in a variety of brew methods including v60, AeroPress and espresso. It held up really nicely in each, though I think the best expression of the coffee was in the v60. It was in that brew method that the acidity and juicy flavors were the most pronounced.

The Bottom Line

At $16.75 for 10oz, this coffee isn’t cheap. If you like South American coffees and are looking to find a unique offering from the region, this is a great one to try.

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