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Coffee Production and Consumption Infographics

Andrew Pautler

Coffee production and consumption infographic previews

One of my favorite things to do as a designer is take boring tables and data and convert it into visual information graphics. I usually feature them on Instagram, but figured some would make sense as a post on the blog as well.

The Top Coffee Consuming Countries

While I’d like to think Americans are the biggest lovers of coffee, it turns out we aren’t even in the top 10. Europe has us beat hands-down with their coffee consumption. Here are the top 10 coffee consuming countries:

Country NameAverage Kilograms of Coffee Per Person, Per Year
Finland12.2 kg
Norway9.9 kg
Iceland9 kg
Denmark8.7 kg
Netherlands8.4 kg
Sweden8.2 kg
Switzerland7.9 kg
Belgium6.8 kg
Luxembourg6.5 kg
Canada6.2 kg
Source: International Coffee Organization
Coffee Consumption by Country infographic

Coffee Production by Country

When it comes to coffee production by country, there were a few countries that didn’t surprise me, but others that I didn’t expect at all. For example, Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world (thanks mostly to robusta beans). In the first graphic I break down coffee production by country (both arabica and robusta) and in the second graphic I isolate the arabica data, which aligns better with specialty coffee.

Arabica & Robusta Coffee Production by Country

Country NameCoffee ProducedPercentage
Brazil5,714,381,000 lbs37%
Vietnam3,637,627,000 lbs17%
Colombia1,785,744,000 lbs8%
Indonesia1,455,050,000 lbs6%
Ethiopia846,575,000 lbs4%
Honduras767,208,000 lbs3.5%
India767,208,000 lbs3.5%
Uganda634,931,000 lbs2.5%
Other countries17.5%
Source: U.S. Agriculture Department + Wikipedia
Coffee Production by Country infographic

Arabica Coffee Production by Country

Country NameCoffee Produced (by 60 kg bags)
Costa Rica1,375,000
Source: U.S. Agriculture Department
Arabica Coffee Production by Country infographic
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