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BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer Review

Andrew Pautler

Espro BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer

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    BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer
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    BLOOM is a stainless steel coffee brewer designed to make the pour over experience faster and easier.

Product Scoring

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9.5 / 10
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9 / 10
9 / 10
  • Quick brew time
  • Quality design & construction
  • Flexible with paperless brew option

Disclosure: Pull & Pour received this product free of charge to review for this post. I received no other compensation and as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

What is the BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer?

The BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer is a narrowly shaped, flat-bed stainless steel brewer from Espro.

What I like about the BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer?

While the BLOOM shares many characteristics with other brewers, it is unique in how it combines these characteristics. Some of the features of the BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer that I’ve come to love include:

  • Steep brewer shape, which creates a smaller brew area and a more channeled water flow. This helps lead to a more even extraction (because all of the water touches the same amount of grounds) and faster brew time (because the taller water height leads to more pressure in the bed and promotes a faster draw-down).
  • Flat bed design, which has over 1500 etched holes at the bottom that help lead to a faster draw-down and extraction (vs. other flat-bed brewers like the Kalita Wave, which only has three holes).
  • Flexibility in brewing with their “dual mode,” which allows you to brew with or without a paper filter. I generally prefer a cleaner cup, so I use the paper filter, but the brewer does allow for a paperless brew for a richer, full-bodied cup. I initially tried this and was afraid I would have a muddy cup like you can get in a French Press, but was amazed by how almost no grounds came through during the brew. The brewer also has markings on the interior which denote where to fill the dry grounds for a single or double serving (though I always prefer measuring exactly).
  • Silicone sleeve at the top, which helps the brewer retain heat, but gives you a safe place to pick it up after brewing (I’ve burned my hands a great number of times on other brewers!)
  • Stainless steel body, which makes the brewer more durable. I’ve cracked my ceramic v60 and am always a bit nervous with my other ceramic brewers that they could break if I drop them. With a stainless steel body, that isn’t a concern.
Espro BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer
Upside down view of the BLOOM brewer showing all of the 1500+ etched holes at the bottom
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How is the BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer different from other pour over brew methods?

There are a few key ways I think the BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer differentiates itself from other common pour over brew methods available.

  1. Brewer profile: The BLOOM has likely the steepest brew angle of almost any other pour over method (definitely any others in my brewer collection). This channeling really does create a different brew experience and helps with a faster brew.
  2. Paperless brew option: The BLOOM is the only pour over brew method I have heard of that allows for paperless brewing. The v60, Origami dripper, Flower dripper, and Chemex all do not offer a paperless brew option given their large bottom openings. Even the flat bottom Kalita brewers won’t allow for a paperless brew because there are only three larger holes, which would allow grounds to seep through during the brew.
  3. Quality design & construction: There are a lot of wonderful, well-designed brewers out there and the BLOOM is clearly in their ranks. It is one of the most well-made, thoughtfully designed brewers I have used. From the silicone rim to help you safely touch the brewer after brewing to the hole at the base to check the coffee level within your mug, everything about the BLOOM has been thought through and then precisely executed.

Is the BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer worth buying?

I always enjoy trying and experimenting with different brewers, so my general motto is “You can never have too many.” That said, not everyone needs six or more pour over brewers to make your coffee, so selecting the one or two you do have is important. If I were to reduce my pour over brewer collection down to two, I would keep either my v60 or Flower dripper and then one other dripper. Before trying the BLOOM that brewer would probably be the Kalita Wave because its flat bottom design is most unique from the v60/Flower dripper construction. After using the BLOOM for a few weeks though, it has become my clear favorite compared to the Kalita Wave. I find it makes a more balanced cup, is easier to use (is less finicky), and has a faster brew time.

Final Thoughts

Espro did a great job designing and constructing their first brewer. The BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer doesn’t just look beautiful, it is easy to use, flexible based on your brew style and, most importantly, brews an excellent cup of coffee.

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Espro BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer
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