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Author: Ivica Cvetanovski

Ivica Cvetanovski is a natural scientist and engineer with international work experience. He started scrutinizing coffee during his position at UNEP/GRID since 2005. The wide spectrum of knowledge and experience touches many areas ofacademia, industry and levels in the world of coffee, most notable within trading mechanisms and coffee cherry/cascara research. Psychometrics and MBTI define him as carrying the INFJ personality. Motivated, systematic and goal oriented based on integrity and ethics with international work experience. Ivica gathers mindsets and ensures everyone is moving in the same direction by bringing the best out of people and their goals. Ivica invests in people. Throughout the years, Ivica has trained and coached several coffee professionals at world class level. Ivica earned his M.Sc in Computing Science from Gothenburg University and his M.Sc from Chalmers University of Technology where he was also working as a research assistant. In the world of coffee, Ivica is more commonly known by his middle name, Itchy, and is the Norwegian Coffee Roasting Champion 2014. Ivica's attention to coffee spans beyond roasting and extends to innovation, health, renewability and socio-economic impact.