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A Quick Look at the Orea v3

Andrew Pautler

The Orea v3 coffee brewer

The Orea v3 is a brand new variation on the Orea launching in January 2022. Throughout the last year, the Orea v2 has become one of my favorite brewers and one I use almost daily. As such, I was extremely excited to hear about a new version of the Orea and the potential it has. Here is an overview of the brand new Orea brewer:

  • Parts: The Orea v3 is made of two parts: the brewer & the base. They are interchangeable & snap together.
  • Brewer: The brewer is made of food-safe Nylon. It’s incredibly durable just like the v2—for real, this thing will not break if you drop it.
  • Base: The base is probably the most innovative piece of the v3. It uses recycled plastics from face masks, bottle caps & to-go containers (saving single-use plastics from the waste stream). Each one is completely unique based on how the plastic flows into the mold. The style shown in these images is called “Ocean.”
  • Filters: You can use either Kalita 185 filters or no-bypass negotiated filters.
  • Sizing: The v3 is larger than the v2. The 2-cup version launches in January 2022, but a 1-cup version will be coming in the future. Even at the larger size, it weighs the same as the smaller Orea v2 (56g) with the 1-cup version weighing only 45g.
  • Geometry: This new v3 is the same geometry as the v2, so all v2 recipes should work. The bigger size does open up some additional possibilities though & I’m excited to share some infographic recipes for the larger v3 size soon.
  • Environment: Each Orea will remove 14g of mostly single-use plastics from the waste stream. The funnel is made from a polyamide made with 100% renewable energy.

The Bottom Line

The Orea v3 is sure to take the specialty coffee world by storm just like the previous versions of the Orea. I’m excited to continue to experiment with it, share some brew recipes, and spread the word about this tiny little brewer.

The Orea v3 coffee brewer
The Orea v3 coffee brewer
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